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We at The Ninja Care are dedicated to provide world-class hospitality service at your home. Our dream is to make each and every home more beautiful and a Working Art of Luxury. The custom designed services are a perfect fit for young millennial, professionals and homemakers.

Who We Are

We are team of people from different industry and institution with the mission to make luxury affordable. Our team is dedicated to provide you best services at affordable price.


Our mission is to make hiring a verified and trained domestic help a Breeze.


Our vision is to be the ultimate in-home hospitality partner for the country.

Our Services

Do you need help in keeping your place clean and healthy? Our professional cleaning services with superb and smart solutions are here to keep your place pristine. From mopping to sweeping, to washing your clothes, we provide quality cleaning services you can out on.

Introducing Our Expert Maid Squad: See Who's Ready to Serve!

Cleaning Or Maid Services In Delhi NCR

We all know how our lifestyle is changing because of our busy schedules and routines. We don’t get time to focus on other things. And even if we get time to do other household chores and look after our family, then we are not able to take care of cleaning.

Many often find it difficult to balance work and home cleanliness at the same time, especially in cities like Delhi and Noida. So, with the changing and busy lifestyle, the need for domestic help and full-time maids is increasing.

That is why NinjaCare is here to help you by offering various cleaning and maid services in Delhi for your home. We even offer cooking, mopping and sweeping, maid cleaning services, etc, and flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle.

We offer complete peace of mind as our cleaners and maids are verified, certified, and licensed. So, for all your cleaning and maid services in Delhi NCR, contact NinjaCare today!

Best Maid Services In Delhi

Are you looking for home cleaning or maid services in Delhi? Then you have come to the right place.

At NinjaCare, we offer the best professional maid services to make your home clean and healthy. These services save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on other things.

Our maids have all the necessary cleaning tools and equipment to make your home spotless and bright.

They sanitize your home properly including the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of your home in addition to sweeping, mopping, and dusting as they have the required experience and expertise to fulfill your house cleaning needs.

We even offer personalized plans to meet your specific needs and provide our services according to those requirements and your cleaning preferences.

NinjaCare is here to help you with all your cleaning and maid requirements. We provide 100% customer satisfaction without compromising service quality.

Roles And Responsibilities Maid Performs

There are various roles and responsibilities of the maid that they offer depending on your needs and preferences.

Additional Services Provided By Best Maid Agency In Delhi

NinjaCare not only provides services related to cleaning or maids, but also offers additional services to meet every need and demand of our clients.

Why You Should Hire NinjaCare?

You should hire NinjaCare because we provide the best cleaning and maid services that fulfill all your needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How often should a house be deep cleaned?

Ans As per a general guideline, it's recommended to deep clean your house at least once every three to six months.

Q2 How often should I schedule professional cleaning and maid services?

Ans You can schedule a professional cleaning and maid service weekly as it will be beneficial if you have a busy household with multiple occupants, children, or pets. This ensures that your house is consistently cleaned and maintained.

Q3 Can I customize the services provided by the maid?

Ans You can customize services provided by the maid as many maid services offer personalized cleaning plans to accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

Q4 What makes Ninja Care the best Cleaning and Maid Services Provider in Delhi?

Ans NinjaCare provides one of the best cleaning and maid services providers in Delhi because of their trained, verified, and dedicated cleaners and maids who provide top-notch services at your home. Also, our custom-designed services at affordable prices are a perfect fit for young millennials, professionals, and homemakers.

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