A Complete Checklist for Professional Deep Clean Your House

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As the festive season is approaching, the concept of cleaning homes makes us more thrilled for the festive season. We Indians believe that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and goddess Lakshmi visits only clean homes.

Maintaining and cleaning a living environment is essential for the overall well-being of human beings. And deep cleaning is all about cleaning each and every corner of a house. 

When the cleaning task starts approaching, it’s time to make a house checklist for deep cleaning. A good checklist for house deep cleaning can save your time and your efforts at the same time.

But how is this possible to do so? Well! Here we are with a complete checklist for professional deep cleaning of your house.

 Why You Should Love Home Deep Cleaning?

Honestly, if you ask someone about deep cleaning their houses, nobody loves to spend their weekend cleaning their house. As for us Indians, at every festival, it’s a better time for us to beautify our homes. 

For some people it’s not just about the aesthetic look of their home sweet home, it’s about creating a harmonious space for physical and mental health.

Professional Deep Clean

A clean house brings peace, prosperity, positivity, and relaxation. By cleaning dust and dirt, we create an environment that brings harmony and influences our mindset and attitude as well.

For Indians, cleaning homes and shops is like the ritual of rejuvenation which makes sure that it brings comfort to them and their loved ones.  

What is Home Deep Cleaning?  

Let’s first start with understanding what exactly deep cleaning means, so you can at least make an outline for house cleaning things and obviously prepare yourself mentally before starting it.

What is Home Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning includes cleaning throughout the home, including every corner or you can say neglected areas, such as under furniture, inside cabinets, and behind every home appliance.

2. Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Cleaning?

There is not much difference between deep cleaning and cleaning. Deep cleaning goes beyond regular or daily cleaning of the house. You actually need to focus on every corner and less frequently cleaned areas and ensure that each area is cleaned. Well! Don’t deny the fact that we all reserve it for Diwali.

It involves systematic cleaning by using advanced tools and methods for meticulous cleaning.

Preparation for Deep Cleaning

Let’s tie up your forehead with a scarf and start preparing for deep cleaning. Well! Before jumping into the cleaning process, it’s important to prepare everything.

Preparation for Deep Cleaning

Sit, plan, and organize your tasks, and make sure to prioritize tasks to allocate time. Don’t get distracted, you can clean your house today.

And don’t forget to eat properly and have a pre-cooked meal, because cleaning is a time-consuming task. Make sure that you have already cleaned the utensils, as it will not hamper your process of deep cleaning the kitchen. 

Break down the cleaning tasks into smaller and manageable steps and focus on specific areas that need attention.

You can’t fail with a comprehensive list of all the tasks. Take your time, you are about to begin a brave manhunt for deep cleaning. 

Here is a categorization of tasks for complete professional home deep cleaning:

1. Deep clean the Bathroom

Deep clean the bathroom

Start dusting from top to bottom for intense bathroom cleaning, be sure to get all ceiling fans and vents.

Don’t skip the walls and baseboards.

Make sure to sweep or vacuum the floor after dusting the roof, and clean it with a dry mop.

Disinfect and sanitize the doors, light switches, flush handles, and highly touched areas.

Do scrub your shower, bathtubs, sink, and basins. Clean the showerhead, shower doors, and drains.

Don’t forget to clean the mirror using cleaner or with glass cleaner solution.

Dust and clean the window sills and ventilators.

Organize the cabinets and drawers, do wipe out shelves and drawers.

Make sure to wash your towels, bathmats, and shower curtains.

2. Deep clean the Toilet

Deep clean the toilet

Deep cleaning of the toilet is one of the major aspects of cleaning your house.

Make sure to clean the toilet seat, back of the toilet/shelf, flushers, attachments, and nearby floor of the seat, and hinges.

Do use a toilet brush to clean the seat, and replace your toothbrush, if necessary.

Wash out the toothbrush caddy, wipe down the baseboard, take out the trash, and sanitize the trash.

Replace any dead bulbs.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

Start with cleaning the stovetop, first make sure the slabs and drawers are empty.

Remove and soak stove grates in a bath of dish soap and water. Get rid of grease and burnt-on food.

If you have a coffee maker, clean the pot, basket/filter, and outside the machine.

Clean the oven, and wipe out if there is any stuff there.

Do vacuum beneath the refrigerator, and organize your pantry.

Clean out your fridge and freezer, throw out the expired food and vegetables, and wipe out every corner, shelf, drawer, and handle of the fridge. 

Do vacuum beneath the refrigerator, and organize your pantry.

Empty every toaster, and disinfect cabinet handles, light switches, sinks, countertops, sink faucet handles, handles, and every hardware in the kitchen.

Clean your garbage disposal, you can toss a few lemon peels down the drain to get rid of smelly areas.

Clean the stainless steel appliances, take out the trash, and recycle.

Sweep and vacuum the floors and clean your dishwater filter.

The primary thing that you need to clean is the kitchen chimney. Make sure to clean the oil and grease in the chimney filters.

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Deep Clean the Bedrooms

Starting with cleaning from top to bottom: dressers, lamps, artwork and frames, headboards, and most importantly area beside tables and chairs.

Vacuum all the curtains and wash all the bedsheets, pillow covers, duvet covers, and shams.

Sweep and vacuum all the floors, and wash out all the windows, sills, and ledges. 

Laundry is a must, put laundry away, and if you have lots of clothes, donate them.

Make your bed, rotate your mattress, or dust out it while keeping it under the sunlight.

If you have a pet, clean out all the carpets.

5. Deep Clean the garage, garden, and outdoor spaces

Deep Clean the garage, garden, and outdoor spaces

Sweep and vacuum out the garage area.

Restructure the garden by cutting the large trees and plants, cleaning the rake leaves, mowing the lawn, and filling the bird feeders. 

Clean out the gutters and downspouts, sweep and power wash decks, patios, doors, and windows.

Disinfect the outer furniture clean out the garage and arrange the things out.

Clean out and wash cars and replace furnace filters.  

6. Deep Clean kid's area, playrooms, and pet’s area

Deep Clean kid's area, playrooms, and pet’s area

Move all the furniture and vacuum beneath like tables, beds, and chairs.

Sanitize all the plastic toys and organize all the clothes, books, and toys.

If you have a pet, vacuum all the carpets, couches, and pet beds.

Run a dry mop to collect all the loose hair and dander.

Use a wet mop to clean the floor inner litter box and food bowls.

Laundry the pet bed throw out the torn-up toys and replace them with fresh ones.

To get rid of the smell, sprinkle some baking soda everywhere let it sit for the whole night, and vacuum it up in the morning. 

So as of now, you have cleaned every corner of your house. Now it’s time to note down some tips in order to do smart work instead of hard work while deep cleaning your house.

Tips for Deep Cleaning

Tips for Deep Cleaning

Here are some smart tips that you should include while deep cleaning in order to avoid negligence of any corner and surface:

Always start through dusting, you can use a dry dusting cloth.

Reach out to all the corners with dry clothes which include books, plants, furniture, windows, frames, mirrors, door-know, etc.  

For dirty surfaces, you can use wet clothes and then dry them again with a dry cloth.

Do clean your belongings like laptop, chargers, and stands with clothes.

Use a long-handle duster to clean doors, window heads, fans, and wall-mounted lighting fixtures.

Make sure to dust under the furniture, desks, chairs, and tables using a cleaning brush and dusting cloth.

Always use a mild cleaning solution, a soft cloth, and a sponge for washing walls, curtain roads, and windows.

Use liquid dishwasher and scrub to clean kitchen sink and bathroom wash basins.

For room floors, start with basic brooming into every corner and edge.

For the bathroom and kitchen floor, use a brush and detergent liquid to clean all the grime and the same for the tiles of the kitchen and bathroom.  

For curtains, cushion covers, pillow covers, and bed sheets use washing machines, if you have one. If not, soak them overnight and then wash them the next day.

If we talk about appliances, you only need to dust them. You can use soap and sponges for cleaning appliances like microwaves and ovens.

Use a wet for cleaning the surface of the refrigerator and then use a dry cloth. Take out the trays and shelves and wash them with liquid detergent.

Make sure about the air circulation and humidity management to promote a healthier indoor environment. Use air purifiers to filter out all the pollutants. During the rainy season use dehumidifiers to prevent the growth of mold in neglected areas in the house.   

Vacuum the carpet and dust them all.

Tools and Equipment for Deep Cleaning

Tools and Equipment for Deep Cleaning

Here is a shopping list for your house deep cleaning:

» Glass cleaner

» Kitchen cleaner

» Stainless steel cleaner

» Cleaning sponges

» Broom and dustpan

» Toilet brush

» Mop and bucket

» Hard water stain remover

» Carpet cleaner or spot remover

» Rug brush for thorough cleaning of carpet

» Tash bags

» Rubber gloves and masks

» Paper towels and duster

Before purchasing these things make sure that you are clear with the specific surfaces and areas that you are going to clear. You might some extra tools and equipment for house deep cleaning.


Well! Still thinking about how to deep clean your house because of your busy schedule? Don’t worry, you can hire professionals for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is all about details. Get yourself ready, create a cleaning schedule, and get your house cleaned.   

Happy Cleaning!

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