11 Mistakes to Avoid Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

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Commercial cleaning service is on the surge nowadays. Nobody wants to indulge in household cleaning and needs someone who can assist them in this work.

Similarly, there are several companies that are standing right behind the backs of several people in terms of providing them with the best and most professional cleaning services.

But when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaning service, it is not as simple as typing on Google ‘commercial cleaners near me.’ We can only wish it was that easy but in actuality, it isn’t.

There are certain parameters that you need to focus on and several mistakes that you need to avoid when hiring a professional cleaning company.

Let’s understand all that you need to know regarding cleaning services and what mistakes you need to keep away from before hiring a professional cleaning service.

What is a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial cleaning is a type of cleaning that is managed by professional cleaners in order to clean commercial and industrial spaces like offices, warehouses, retail stores, and factories.

It necessitates larger cleaning areas with specialized housekeeping tools and equipment in order to maintain a sanitary and secure environment. 

Businesses require a commercial cleaning service to keep their employees and customers safe, clean, and hygienic. As per Precedence Research, cleaning services are going to generate an estimated $349.47 Billion dollars in industry sales by 2023 and will keep on increasing till 2030.

Lack of cleaning in industrial or business environments can lead to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other contaminants that are dangerous for the health of the occupants.

Commercial cleaning services can clean and sanitize commercial spaces, reducing the danger of illness and infection and promoting a healthy work environment. At least, they must know the basic things like proper methods for cleaning dirty utensils.

A clean, hygienic and professional workplace is crucial for the image, reputation, and health and safety concerns of a company whereas a dirty and disorganized workplace can give your clients a wrong impression which will lead to reduced business opportunities.

Keep Away From Some Common Mistakes When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

Numerous people when hiring a commercial cleaning service attempt some mistakes that they shouldn't have made. As a result, we have come up with certain mistakes that you must avoid attempting in order to hire a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service.

Let’s uncover all the mistakes that you must keep away from in order to get in touch with the best and most professional cleaning service for your business. All these mistakes that you need to avoid are explained below in a comprehensive way:

1. Not Checking the Location of the Company

Numerous people search for cleaning services on Google whereas several people search for them through ads on some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It’s obvious that you will expect all the cleaning companies to be local.

Not Checking the Location of the Company

There are many companies that operate within a specific radius of their business grounds. On the cleaning business website, you will typically find information about certain areas that are covered by them, but if you are not sure, then you must ask everything about them.

It is always better and no harm to find out early than progressing with a quote in order to discover that they can’t serve your location or charge a premium or extra fee for travelling to your home.

2. Selecting the First Company You Encounter

You should never select the first cleaning company you see. Keep patience and take your time in order to select the best and most professional cleaning service for yourself.

Just like you don’t hurry in purchasing a car or house for yourself and always look for what suits you the best, you need to do the same when hiring a commercial cleaning service for yourself.

Selecting the First Company You Encounter

One can offer a great thing while others will provide you with something better, how would you ever find this out when you choose the first company on which you have laid your eyes for the first time? 

Hence, you must look around for several cleaning companies in order to pick the best one for yourself. They not only provide cleaning services but also maid services. When you compare the cleaning services, you must look at the following six points:

» How much they cost?

» What services they are offering?

» The quality of their work.

» Their location.

» The type of cleaning services they offer.

» Do they train their cleaners?

» How professional they are?

» Their previous clients.

» And many more things.

Just because you are in a rush, that doesn’t mean you will choose the first cleaning service that pops up on Google search. Keep your time exploring other options and find the best and most professional cleaning service for yourself.

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3. Looking for the Most affordable Service

When hiring a professional commercial cleaning service, you will have to stick to your set budget which means you can be drawn to search for a cheaper rate. Nevertheless, you will get for what you pay when it comes to the quality of the service.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to look for a competitive rate but make sure that you do your own research and look carefully through the reviews before you make any decision.

Looking for the Most affordable Service

If you don’t follow this, then you will get stuck in spending more money in order to hire another cleaning service to clean the first job. For instance, cleaning of kitchen chimney.

The golden rule is to move around and use word of mouth in order to explore the professional service that suits your office needs, requirements and budget.

4. Selecting an Inexperienced Company

The most common mistake that is attempted by almost every individual is selecting an inexperienced cleaning service for yourself.

Selecting an Inexperienced Company

You should never go for an inexperienced cleaning service that doesn’t meet the below-mentioned requirements:

» If they don’t understand your needs and requirements for cleaning.

» If they don’t have the right health and safety protocols in place.

» If they don’t have ongoing training for their cleans.

» If they don’t understand the disparity between cleaning, sanitation and disinfection.

» If they don’t use endurable cleaning products and solutions.

You must always look for these prerequisites in order to avoid choosing the wrong commercial cleaning solution for yourself. They not only provide cleaning solutions but also cooking professionals at your home.

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5. Not Agreeing on a Set Scope of Work

When you hire someone to clean your place, it appears like a simple agreement, and if it’s through being unclear regarding your needs, that’s where the miscommunication arises.

As a business owner, you should know that the scope of work should have to be discussed and agreed upon before any work has been undertaken. You need to be upfront about your expectations and don’t be scared to negotiate when required.

Not Agreeing on a Set Scope of Work

In addition to this, when you decide on a professional cleaning service, your duty lies in making everyone aware and understand the rules, regulations and service agreements. If you want them to provide you with different types of maid services, then make sure to add this to your scope of work.

This discussion will help you a lot and will make you understand clearly the terms and conditions under which the work will be carried out but make sure to keep everyone informed, safe and accountable.

But apart from this, the most important work that needs to be done from your end is to research first in order to find a suitable and reliable company that suits your workplace needs.

6. Not Asking About Previous Clients

Just like you call references for forthcoming employees, you should call references for cleaning companies. You must explore what others have to say about them with proof in order to back it up.
client-centered feedback. in  Commercial Cleaning Service

You must know if they are experienced professionals or not, how they were able to help their clients, and the quality of service delivered by them. Make sure to ask them about their current or previous clients so that you can get some real client-centered feedback.

When you hire the wrong commercial cleaning service, it can lead to a lot of problems. As a result, it is important to take your time and check your potential cleaning service’s references.

7. Not Able to Read and Understand the Cleaning Service Contract/Agreement

When you find the best cleaning service, you will enter a service agreement or contract with the commercial cleaning company. Don’t overlook it. Take your time to read it and ask questions if needed.

You must make sure that the cleaning service details and information are properly drafted in the contract such as:

» Where the cleaning service is performed. For instance, site location.

» Payment methods.

» Agreed cleaning days.

» Price inclusions.

» Alternate options if a cleaner is not able to perform on the agreed day.

» Contract term

» Scope of Works

8. Not Checking Their License and Documents and Overlooking Their Insurance Coverage Policy

When you decide on which cleaning service you should hire, you must always verify their documentation and licensing. A professional cleaning company will have an accurate certification that makes them trustworthy, reliable and legally sound.

When you look for cleaning services that are completely licensed and insured, you will be able to find those that are affirmed by local circles or trade organizations.

9. Hiring a Cleaning Service that is Not Offering All the Services

You must be sure that the commercial cleaning service you are going to choose offers entirely everything that you will need now and also in the future.

You need them to clean your place but also complete additional tasks when asked such as periodic cleaning which includes the following:

» Floor Cleaning

» Carpet Cleaning

» Tiles Cleaning

» Glass Cleaning

» High-pressure and soft-pressure Cleaning

» Chemical Roof Cleaning

You will need a cleaning service that can perform all these cleaning tasks efficiently and not need the phase where you need to contact multiple companies to do different tasks. Imagine how time-consuming this can be.

As a result, make sure to find a company where you can find all these tasks in just one go and that provides the best and most professional service to their customers.

10. Being Unclear About Your Requirements

The best commercial cleaning service will always peek at surpassing expectations. Make sure to be specific about your requirements and note them down, so you can convey them when you hire a professional cleaning service.

Before you hire a cleaning service, make sure to walk through your house in order to show the team what areas of your house you want them to professionally deep clean and what cleaning tasks they should avoid.

These services will help you to set expectations and help you save money for cleaning tasks that you don’t want professional cleaners to do.

If you have any questions or concerns about specific cleaning projects rather than ongoing work, you will be required to note down the scope of work that you need the cleaning company to finish.

In this scenario, you will need to include milestones and deadlines on top of the detailed tasks you require, with written quality standards that you can sign off on at the termination of the cleaning project in order to ensure everything is up to your desired criterion.

11. Skipping a Phone or Face-to-Face Conversation

In today’s modern world, we manage to have a lot of conversations through email because it is so systematic and efficient. But it’s worth having a chat on a mobile phone or in person with a cleaning service when you sign a contract with them.

Doing this will help you a lot in covering all the questions before you start. An admirable cleaning company will be delighted and pleased in order to speak to you and address any questions or certain requests.

Apart from these, if you want them to provide you with babysitting services, then make sure to communicate with them in the best way possible. This will not only help them to understand your terms and conditions but also help you to understand what services they are ready to offer.

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Final Talk

You must find a commercial cleaning service that values you and puts you first. By following all the above-mentioned tips, you must avoid these mistakes in order to hire a professional cleaner that suits you the best.

Make sure to take your time and research, plan, and select a reliable cleaning service in order to meet your office’s cleaning requirements.

You must agree that having a clean working environment is considered the best motivation for your employers and will promote more productivity.

As a result, make sure to keep away from all the mistakes when hiring a professional cleaning service and hire the best one that suits your needs and requirements in the best way. In this, professional cleaning services will help you immensely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services?

Ans. The benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services are mentioned below:

» Boosts employee morale and productivity.

» Prevents the spreading of diseases and frequent sick leaves.

» Provides a safe and healthy workplace.

» Get a clean and professional-looking office.

» Increases the company’s morale.

» Better cost savings in the long run.

» Better and higher quality than regular cleaning.

» Extra storage space.

Q. What is the difference between domestic housekeeping and commercial housekeeping?

Ans. The major difference between domestic and commercial housekeeping is that domestic cleaning is something that happens in the residential environment whereas commercial cleaning is something that happens in business or corporate environments.

Q. What makes a good commercial cleaner?

Ans. Any professional cleaning company will operate good safety standards and exercise a satisfactory knowledge of safe working practices which includes training of cleaning personnel, the use of materials on-site and an interpretation of limitations and what cleaning personnel are expected to embark on.

Q. What is commercial floor cleaning?

Ans. Commercial floor cleaning is the cleaning practice that is done by businesses for corporations like schools, office compounds, retail centres, shopping malls, and other big buildings that require a substantial team in order to stay as tidy as possible.


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