Time-Saving Tips for Quick Room Cleaning

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Cleaning can be a frustrating task for some as it is a time-consuming process. For such reasons, many search for tips that will allow them to clean their room quickly.

However, a structured approach and smart strategies are required to clean your room quickly and efficiently. So, those who provide room cleaning services have all the best and smart strategies to clean your room in less time.

But here in this blog, you will get to know how you can quickly clean your room with the help of some time-saving tips, and room cleaning services even utilize these tips.

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Let’s begin with preparation. If you want to clean your room quickly, there are things that you need to prepare or you can hire someone to clean your room.

1. Gather Supplies

First, wear your apron to protect your clothes from dust or stains. Then, gather all the tools and cleaning products you will need to clean your room.

Keep them in a box, basket, or bucket to easily carry all the products. It will save you time and energy from going back and forth from taking supplies from the cabinet and then going to the room again.

The cleaning supplies include a multi-surface cleaner, a glass cleaner, a vacuum or broom, microfiber cloth, dusting tools, and trash bags.

Gather Supplies

2. Declutter First

After you have gathered all your supplies, declutter and sort out all the items into categories - trash, items to keep, and items to relocate.

If there are items that belong to the other rooms, then take a basket and collect all of them. Put them away after cleaning the room.

If you find the clutter of clothes lying around, then look for which ones you have to store, put in the closet, or which one needs to go for laundry. All the decluttering will make the cleaning process quicker.

Declutter First

Cleaning Tips

Here are some cleaning tips that will help you to clean your room in no time or you can search and hire the room cleaning services near me to get your room clean faster.

1. Work From Top To Bottom

You should start cleaning your room from the top and then go to the bottom. If you clean the bottom first, all the dirt and debris will fall on the floor. This will lead to more work as you will have to clean the floor twice. So, to save time and clean quickly, start from the top.

First, start by cleaning the ceiling fans, light fixtures, and shelves. After that, clean the surfaces at the middle level such as furniture, countertops, etc.

After cleaning all the surfaces, clean the floors to collect all the debris and dust.

Clean the room from left to right to get your job done faster instead of spot-cleaning your room from place to place.

Work From Top To Bottom

2. Use Multi-Surface Cleaners

Multi-surface cleaners are a versatile cleaning option as they allow you to easily clean most of the surfaces.

You will also not require multiple products and the need to switch from different cleaning products. It is the best option to clean your room quickly as it will even prevent dust buildup.

Use Multi-Surface Cleaners

3. Spot Cleaning

For quick spot cleaning, identify visibly dirty or frequently touched areas such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, etc. Use disinfecting wipes to clean them properly.

Spot Cleaning

4. Speed Dusting

For dusting, use a microfiber cloth as it is an effective and quicker way of picking up the dust. But don’t spread it around.

You may not be able to clean the hard-to-reach areas with microfiber cloth, in such situations, you will need a dusting tool to extend your reach.

You can even use it to clean the mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces as paper towels will take a lot of time. But make sure to use a squeegee to dry them and prevent streaks.

Speed Dusting

5. Vacuum or Sweep

Once you have cleaned and have done dusting of everything including the surfaces and mirrors. Then, sweep or vacuum the floors to make them clear of any speck of dirt.

If you are cleaning with a vacuum, use vacuum attachments to clean corners, edges, or under furniture. Or you can sweep the corners and the most used areas where the dirt accumulates faster.

After sweeping, mop the floor to make them shine. Start mopping from the farthest corner of the room and then come towards the doorways.

And if you are wondering if you can hire someone to clean my room for me, then yes for that purpose, you can hire the room cleaning services as they offer the best sweeping and mopping services.

Vacuum or Sweep

Room-Specific Tips

1. Bedroom

Quick and efficient bedroom cleaning cleans the surface while enhancing the room's appearance. Make sure to clean the bedside tables, drawers, and dressers.

If any clothes are lying around, put them away or place the dirty ones in the laundry basket. Organize all the items properly.


2. Living Room

Time-saving tips for the living room include straightening cushions because when you sit or relax on sofas you often put the cushions here and there. It gives your living room a neat appearance.

Clean and dust all surfaces including TVs and remote controls or high traffic areas to prevent dust buildup.

Living Room

3. Kitchen

Clear the sink while washing the dishes quickly. Wipe the surfaces as you go to remove the crumbs and spills.

Sanitize them and clean the spills on stovetops. But clean the sink in the end as dirt may accumulate while we are performing other kitchen tasks.

Or you can hire the best cleaning service provider for kitchen and utensil cleaning. As it made your task easy and convenient.


4. Bathroom

Clean the sink, mirrors, and countertops with wipes as it will allow you to clean them quickly and make them shine.

For quick cleanups, after each use, use squeegees in the shower. Or spray a daily shower cleaner for fast washroom cleaning.


Efficiency Tips

Here are some tips that you can use to not only clean quickly but also efficiently.

1. Set A Timer

You can set a timer by allotting yourself a specific time such as 10 or 15 minutes when you are cleaning the room. This way you can focus more on your work and do it efficiently.

You can make the cleaning process interesting by turning it into a game like how much task you can complete within the set time. You can increase your productivity by allotting a place for everything.

Set A Timer

2. Stay Organized

Once you have learned these tips, make all this your regular habit including decluttering so that you don’t have to waste time by cleaning the stuff around.

Use organizers or baskets and store the items accordingly to make cleaning easier and to stay organized.

Stay Organized

3. Daily Maintenance

For quick and efficient cleaning, you need to take out a few minutes every day to prevent cluttering and keep all the items in their allotted place.

Also, make cleaning and wiping counters or small cleaning tasks a daily routine. Ensure to clean your cleaning tools for more efficient cleaning routinely.