The Top Tips for Hiring a Babysitter for the First Time

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It is a moment of nervousness and excitement as you are going to hire a babysitter for the first venture out for your baby. It’s okay to get nervous when hiring a babysitter because things get extremely stressful and difficult when you are required to choose a perfect babysitter and that too for the very first time.

There are a majority of questions to ask and you can be concerned about leaving your child in the hands of someone else for the first time. Well, it’s an opportunity for you as a parent to know about your child’s potential and new babysitter thoroughly.

Hiring a Babysitter stats

Well, the global size of babysitting services has kept on the rise since 2018 and will continue to grow on a large scale till 2030. The below graph will help you to understand it in a better way.

Nevertheless, as a first-timer, you will surely need help and assistance to evaluate their qualifications. Make sure to consider some of the most important hiring tips for first time babysitters that we are going to mention in this blog.

Types of Babysitters

Babysitters are essentially required by the majority of families and they are hiring them at a large scale all around the world. But do you know that there are different types of babysitters? Yes, there are certain types of babysitters for your kids which include the following:

1. Babysitters

Parents hire babysitters on a case-by-case basis to take care of their kids. These babysitters are basically young adults and teenagers. Some babysitters are paid hourly and others are paid a flat rate for providing their babysitting services.


2. Nannies

Generally, nannies are older than babysitters who have made a career by caring for other people’s children. At times, they may hold certifications in CPR and first aid along with a degree in child care. There are some nannies who live and travel with their families and take care of their kids 24*7.


But do you want someone who will take care of both mother and child, then make sure to hire a japa maid as they are of utmost importance and help.

3. Au Pair

An au pair is a young adult who lives with a family in a different country in order to learn about their language, traditions, and culture. When swapping their knowledge and hospitality, the au pair is given the task of taking care of their children.

Au Pair

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Why Babysitters Should be Hired?

When hiring a babysitter, most people come up with the question of why should they hire a babysitter for their babies. So, let’s learn first why babysitting is important for your kid.

Babysitters are hired for not only personal but also professional reasons. They are able to look after young kids when their parents are busy. Babysitters support within the scope of child care, prepare basic meals, and assist with their school work.

How to Hire a Babysitter?

When it comes to the safety of your kids, make sure to pull out all the stops. It is crucial to ensure that the babysitter you are going to hire is coming from a reputable company or can prove their credentials.

Babysitters who are from an esteemed agency will surely have all the qualifications of an expert care provider for your kid. Hiring a babysitter from a credible source makes sure that optimal safety and service both for you and your child is granted in a perfect manner.

If you want to hire a perfect babysitter for your child, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips for first time babysitters carefully and precisely.

1. Consider the References

It is important to check the references and execute background checks when you are hiring a babysitter. Make sure to focus on the references that were given by the families while you too should narrow down the top picks for the babysitters.
 Consider the References while Hiring a Babysitter
You must check whether the references given by your neighbours or families are as per your requirements or not. You must keep in mind that checking the ages of the kids and babysitter is of utmost importance. You must check whether the duties and responsibilities of the babysitters are similar to yours or not.

Always keep in mind that the background is the foremost key when finding the perfect babysitter for your child. As a result, always look for a person with good experience in handling the absolute responsibilities of your kid.

2. Go Through the Standard Interview Questions

Contemplate the answers to those questions that were liked by you and that are important to you and your family. Nevertheless, every human has their own unique preferences, needs and requirements.

 Go Through the Standard Interview Questions while Hiring a Babysitter first time

You are required to set questions that revolve around the babysitter. Note down all the particular benchmarks that you have. For instance, if you want them to cook the meals for your children or feed your kids in your absence, then make sure to speak about it with them

3. Plan an Interaction with Your Kid

Interviewing the babysitters is not enough. You also need to watch them interact with your children in a good way. A good babysitter will never say no to this phase. Now, estimate and tell her whether you like her style, approach, and teaching style towards your kid or not. But above all is her way of taking care of your kid.
Plan an Interaction with Your Kid while   Hiring a Babysitter

Make sure to asses perfectly and let her know whether you like it or not. See how your kids connect with her because they are the ones who will spend the maximum amount of time with them. As a result, assessing the interests of your kids is a crucial task when hiring a babysitter for them.

4. Carry Out a Policy Check

Make sure to find out if you want to share the same philosophies for parenting or not. It will include discipline, feeding, diet, sleeping, and time to watch the television. Make sure to investigate the babysitter from the babysitter agency.
Carry Out a Policy Check while Hiring a BabysitterFor instance, if the babysitter is not able to work any day, then there should be a backup plan as you are required to be prepared thoroughly. As a result, make sure to enquire about the babysitter from the babysitter agency.

5. Know About the Payment

You must know how much a babysitter is paid. This phase can be a little disconcerting. You must get a clear understanding and information about the price that you need to pay to your babysitter.
 Know About the PaymentIt would be great if you knew the payment in advance as it will help you to be clear with your chosen babysitter accordingly.

6. Don’t Lack Communication with the Babysitter

The issues that arise with babysitting generally occur due to the lack of communication. But when the communication with the babysitter is healthy, then no problems and issues can arise.
Don’t Lack Communication with the Babysitter

Ensure that you have perfect clarity about the expectations and routines. You must point out your expectations and favourite objects, toys, and cups. You must let the babysitter know how to use the mobile phone, the television, and how your kid likes their nightlight.


Hiring a babysitter can be a daunting task, as a result, make sure to follow all the tips mentioned above in a careful and precise manner. Following them will be beneficial to you and you will surely be able to hire a brilliant babysitter for your child.

But if you are stressed and want someone to help and assist you in this matter, then make sure to talk to a professional who can help you immensely.

Make sure to hire a professional babysitter who is entirely certified, experienced and skilled. Get your life effortless with the correct domestic help and verified babysitters at Ninja Care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do as a first-time babysitter?

Ans. You can do the following things as a first-time babysitter:

Review the family schedule.

Bring supplies

Plan for emergencies

Bring a snack

Observe and impose the family rules

Be calm and patient

Stay focussed

Q. How do I hire a babysitter?

Ans. Talk to your friend's group, parents at your child’s preschool, your pediatrician or neighbour and ask them who they use for their babysitting services. You must know that local colleges also have a list of early childhood education and child development students who provide babysitting services.

Q. What to expect from a babysitter?

Ans. It is always important to expect someone who clears up after herself and the kids when she is watching them and respects and follows the ground rules and routines. No matter it is brushing teeth, changing diapers, washing hands, or assisting with toilet training, make sure your kids stay clean. This is what you should expect from a babysitter.

Q. What should a babysitter should know?

Ans. A babysitter should know the following things:

Practice childcare basics

Be aware of the ins and outs of baby care if you are babysitting an infant or a newborn baby.

Learn the house rules and follow them carefully.

Be respectful at all times.

Acquire some safety training.

Be aware of the relevant emergency procedures and contacts.


By: Varsha Ojha

Sat, Sep 30, 2023

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