7 Types of Housekeeping Services

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No matter if you are just setting up a cleaning business from the beginning or expanding your cleaning services on a larger platform, you must have all the information regarding all types of housekeeping services that are available in the market nowadays.

Did you know? The U.S. cleaning services market has contributed approximately $55 Billion of its revenue in 2020 due to the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been expected to grow by 58% by the end of 2023 as the pandemic time has ended as of now.

There are several types of housekeeping services with the different types of housekeepers in the world. It is essential to learn all about them in order to make a uniform decision of why one should take their help for cleaning services. Let’s understand this in a bit more detail.

Important of Knowing the Different Types of Housekeeping Services

If you want to hire a maid or professional housekeeper who can provide you with the proper cleaning services, it is essential to learn about the different types of housekeeping services that are available in the market.

If you have all the important information and ideas regarding all types of cleaning services, then it will surely help you to make the most illuminated decision whether you should seek their help or hire them or not.

This will assist you in finding a perfect housekeeper that will suit your budget, time, and other special requirements. You must know that the recruitment procedure is time-consuming and hence you don’t need to go through the process too regularly and frequently.

It not only takes time for you to recruit them but it also takes time for the new housekeeper to settle in and learn the schedule, routine and ropes of your property. Let’s understand what types of housekeepers are available for providing professional housekeeping services.

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Kinds of Housekeepers For Various Types of Household Services

There are several types of housekeepers who offer various types of housekeeping services. You must know all about them. Among the several kinds of housekeepers, we have explained the most popular ones. Let’s learn about them in a comprehensive way:

1. Cleaner or Maid

The first housekeeper on our list is the cleaner or maid. You must not confuse them with the housekeeper because they can be used in the majority of commercial cleaning areas. Apart from this, they can also be used for the end-of-tenancy cleans.

In private homes, they can be used for short-term visits but these can also be regular. You must keep in mind that, you will barely find cleaners or maids who are full-time housekeepers for just one property.

2. Live in Housekeeper

A live-in housekeeper provides one of the popular types of housekeeping services. They can either be a full-time or part-time member of the staff who works for the property.

They are called live-in housekeepers because they are provided with accommodation facilities as part of their package. Babysitters are also considered live-in housekeepers most of the time.

A housekeeper is a high-standard professional person who has the potential to clean, tidy, and make sure that your home and property have been cared for to the highest degree.

This is considered one of the popular choices for properties that require both flexibility and security on-site.

This is because they are called live-in housekeepers who assist with errands, childcare, security, and cooking when the property is left unoccupied or vacant.

3. Live out Housekeeper

A live-out housekeeper can either be full-time or part-time. Just like a live-in housekeeper, the live-out housekeeper is a professional cleaner who will clean, tidy, wardrobe manager, and will include extra duties like shopping, cooking, childcare, and pet care.

But a live-out housekeeper has no place to live with the families and they do not provide services for those properties that don’t require full-time or extra support.

They not only take care of the cleaning of the interior of your house but also of the exterior such as the roof cleaning, balcony cleaning, and several others.

4. Housekeeper Cleaning Companies

If you do not want to self-recruit housekeepers yourself, then there are several housekeeping cleaning companies that provide you with a member of staff so that you can undertake the services of a housekeeper cleaning company.

This is a company to whom you pay and they, in turn, send their staff to your home and then they pay their staff as per their service.

This option is one of the best ways to book a professional cleaner who will clean your hour house from scratch without leaving any speck of dirt behind.

This option may be costly to you, but you must keep in mind that professionalism is expensive but an amateur can cost you a fortune.

Professional cleaners use the best tools and equipment for cleaning and yes, this option is the best to go forward with in order to keep your house dirt-free, clean, and hygienic.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Housekeeper

It can be a daunting task to ascertain which housekeepers can be suitable for you as per your needs and requirements. But wait! There are some things that you must consider while hiring a housekeeper for you. All these things are mentioned below:

» The size of your property.

» The constancy you need them to visit.

» Live-in or Live-out.

» Duties, tasks, and responsibilities outside of specific cleaning.

» Flexibility.

» If you want them to travel with you and your family, or you want them to look after your property when you are away.

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Different Types of Housekeeping Services

There are several different types of housekeepers and housekeeping services that big cleaning companies provide to their clients or customers.

Let’s take a look at all the seven most common types of housekeeping services that are explained below in a panoramic way. Make sure to give it a careful read.

1. Residential Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services include domestic or household cleaning. Here professional cleaners clean the homes of their customers when they are present or out of their house for some time.

When customers pay money for domestic help, it helps them to free up their time to spend with their family and friends instead of getting stuck in the household chores.

A Statista report shows that household cleaning services have been predicted to grow to $40.38 billion by 2025.

 Statista report shows that household cleaning servicesResidential cleaning services completely depend on the client you are choosing. The most common cleaning services for this category include room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, and dusting.

These services are basically a low-barrier entry, as a result, their startup cost will be generally low. You can either use your own cleaning tools and equipment or you can ask their experts to bring their own cleaning products.


2. Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services include office cleaning. Their expert cleaners perform cleaning services for commercial buildings like office spaces, community buildings, schools, and many others.

This type of housekeeping service can be scheduled during working hours (when premises are open) and outside of working hours (when premises are closed).

A recent report on cleaning services shows that commercial cleaning services have achieved the record for the highest expected revenue with a CAGR of 6.3%.

A recent report on cleaning services shows that commercial cleaning services have achieved the record for the highest expected revenue with a CAGR of 6.3%.

Here, you will generally need a team because offices are a larger area than the average home which consumes a lot of time to clean.

The most common services in this category include carpet care, wiping, dusting, air duct cleaning, toilet cleaning, upholstery care, windows cleaning, kitchen chimney cleaning, etc. 

3. Janitorial Cleaning Services

There are a majority of people who use janitorial and commercial cleaning services. You must know that this type of cleaning service has the potential to cover everyday growing maintenance and cleaning of buildings such as schools, office spaces, and industries.

As opposed to commercial cleaning services, it involves deep cleaning tasks that are performed only a few times in one year.

A recent study on Global Janitorial services has published the value of their market size that has been elevated by $252.79 million in 2019. It has been predicted that it will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.1% till 2027.

A recent study on Global Janitorial services has published the value of their market size that has been elevated by $252.79 million in 20

These services cover the vast areas of typical building and premises maintenance activities like mopping, garbage disposal, dusting, sweeping, air duct cleaning, utensil cleaning, refilling tissues, changing bulbs, and several others.

You must keep in mind that get in touch with their crew or team in place before offering the specialized housekeeping services because there is a lot more work for them that keeps on coming on a regular basis.

4. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Laundry and dry cleaning sound similar but they are quite different from each other. You must know that this type of housekeeping service is way too important for a lot of families out there in the world.

Laundry cleaning simply uses detergents, soaps, and softeners in order to wash the clothes. Whereas dry cleaning includes the use of high-end chemicals for removing persistent grease and stains from the clothes.

A recent report testified that the global laundry and dry-cleaning services market will be valued at around $180 billion in 2022 but it has been expected to hit a boom by the end of 2023.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services statsYou can not only get a self-service laundry cleaning but also hire a team to do it for you. In addition to this, you will get fluff and fold, dry cleaning, and a variety of other service as a customer.

The equipment part is entirely up to you. You can either choose to clean clothes manually or invest their assets and cleaning tools and equipment which include industrial laundry machines. 

5. Sanitization and Disinfection

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become extremely crucial to keep your house, office and other surrounding areas clean and free from harmful bacteria and viruses. These harmful microbes can cause allergies, coughs, and colds in your close ones.

As a result, keeping your surroundings clean and hygienic is way too important. But in order to make sure that our office spaces and dwellings are safe for humans, you must use sanitization and disinfection services that use physical and chemical to kill these microbes.

In recent statistics, it has been predicted that there can be a surge in demand for sanitization and Disinfection services in the market from $1,121 million in 2020 and will be boosted a lot till 2030.

Sanitization and Disinfection stats

Well, both sanitization and disinfectants are a form of decontamination, they differ in the use of applications and results. You must know the difference between the two when you will be seeking help from their professionals.

Sanitization mechanically removes all the microbes and lessens the number of microbes and bacteria on the surface. Whereas disinfectants destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi that exist on the inanimate objects.

6. Green Cleaning Services

In this era of going green in order to live in an eco-friendly environment. “Go Green” represents a movement that means to save our planet ‘The Earth.’ As a result, green cleaning services came into effect.

Green cleaning services not only help businesses to align with their customer’s values but also display a sense of social responsibility.

Green cleaning services not only help businesses to align with their customer’s values but also display a sense of social responsibility.

Governments all around the world should understand the importance of eco-friendly cleaning services. As a result, they should provide financial incentives to these types of housekeeping service providers.

This type of service is more reliable, secure, and advanced than the other ones. The entire concept of this type of cleaning is to do more cleaning without/less use of chemicals. As a result, we all must support these types of cleaning services. 

7. Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing cleaning services is the procedure of using a high-powered stream of water in order to clean dirt-ridden carpets, loose paints on walls, mouldy buildings, muddied vehicles, grime-filled objects and other extremely hard-to-clean surfaces.

When talking about opportunity, a recent report has claimed that the global pressure washing service market has been predicted to reach USD $2.03 Billion by 2025.


When talking about opportunity, a recent report has claimed that the global pressure washing service market has been predicted to reach USD $2.03 Billion by 2025.

Basically, pressure-washing service professionals take care of particular external cleaning tasks like tidying up concrete parking areas and driveways, and washing high-end industrial machinery that are used for transportation, mechanical, manufacturing, and food processing tasks.

In order to make their customers trust in their potential and ability, they keep the best pressure washing gear that costs a pretty penny. Their professionals use the best cleaning tools and equipment in order to make your home free from dirt and other harmful microorganisms.


When choosing the types of housekeeping services, you must ensure that they are providing top-notch cleaning to their customers. There are several benefits of seeking help from these services.

If you hire a regular housekeeper in order to clean your home, they will most likely do a range of different cleaning tasks, but when you book a professional cleaner, they will make sure to clean your home from scratch in an amazing way.

If you need to book a professional cleaner, then make sure to talk to them in a perfect way so that you don’t feel any type of confusion in your mind once they reach your house.

But make sure to use eco-friendly products that will surely help the environment not to get destroyed with certain chemicals. Keep in mind that “Cleaning with greening has an important meaning than machining.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many Services are there in Housekeeping?

Ans. Housekeeping is the process of keeping the rooms and public areas clean, tidy, and well-maintained. Basically, it involves the following:

» Cleaning bathrooms

» Vacuuming carpets

» Dusting furniture and fixtures

» Changing bed linens and towels

Q. What are the 7 Standards for Housekeeping?

Ans. 7S or 7 standards for good housekeeping is an enlarged version of 5 standards or 5S of good housekeeping. 7 S stands for the following:

» Sort

» Systematize

» Sweep

» Standardise

» Safety

» Self-discipline

» Sustain

Q. What are the Different types of Housekeeping Services?

Ans. There are three kinds of household cleaning services that are mentioned below:

» Domestic cleaning services

» Institutional cleaning services

» Industrial cleaning services


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