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Our dry cleaning services offer a convenient way to keep your garments clean and hygienic. Our service generally involves scheduling a pickup time and delivery time which allows our clients to avoid the annoyance of transporting their garments as they did traditionally. Connect with us and ensure a smooth dry cleaning experience.

Professional cleaning services: A well-equipped cleaner tidying up a modern living space, ensuring a spotless and organized home environment.

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Our Company And Our Approach

Ninja Care is the best cleaning service provider who works for the satisfaction of their clients. From residential cleaning to commercial cleaning, we have come a long way and offer affordable and effective services to our clients.

We are committed to providing the best quality services to everyone by utilizing advanced tools and specialized chemicals so that you can get a sparkling clean house that you will be proud of.

If you are determined to seek help from a professional cleaning service, then choosing us will be the best option as we make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied after the work has been completed.

Our services have a reasonable price that makes it affordable for everyone. We understand that cleaning the entire house all alone is a hectic task, as a result, we are here to help you out by all means possible.

Contact us and get what you need by taking our housekeeping services which include residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and others. Schedule a cleaning appointment for your house and get answers to all your questions.







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"We're affordable and reliable, so you can count on us when you need us."

A professional cleaner diligently working to tidy up a well-kept home, using cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure a spotless and organized living space.

What Clients Say About Us

We work extremely hard to improve our graph in the housekeeping industry and the satisfaction of our clients is a testament to our commitment to the quality of service we provide.

Our professional crew of talented cleaners takes pride in providing our clients with a clean and beautiful home. You can see what they want to say about our exceptional housekeeping services.

1 / 3

I'm beyond impressed with the cleaning service! They transformed my chaotic space into a haven of cleanliness and order. Their professionalism and efficiency exceeded my expectations. I'm a delighted customer!

Aishwary Nigam



I've tried numerous cleaning services, but none compare to this one. The team's attention to detail and commitment to perfection are unparalleled. I'll definitely be a returning customer!



2 / 3

I'm blown away by the exceptional service provided by this cleaning company. They not only cleaned but organized my home beautifully. I couldn't be happier!

Jatin Bhatia



Kudos to the cleaning team! They managed to tackle the toughest stains and messes effortlessly. My house looks and feels brand new. Highly recommended!

Mayank Singh


3 / 3

I'm thoroughly impressed by the reliability and efficiency of this cleaning service. They consistently deliver outstanding results. My house has never looked better!




I'm so grateful for the incredible job done by this cleaning service. Their professionalism and dedication are evident in the immaculate results. Thank you for making my home sparkle!

Saif Ali


The Best Laundry Service Online

Our laundry service begins by sorting the clothes. After sorting them our cleaners wash similar clothes together. The best detergent brands are used in order to wash your clothes.

The washing machines are loaded by simply adjusting the proper setting for your clothes. The freshwater rinse at the time of the process assists in reducing the proper setting of your clothes by reducing dirt and stains from the clothes.

We dry your clothes in anti-bacterial stainless-steel air-dryers that reduce the Direct UV rays from the sun that react with the better colour pigments of your clothes and generate the bleaching effect.

After the laundry cycle finishes, the High-pressure vacuum steam iron is done in order to bring the perfect finishing. You must know that the CDC and WHO have condemned that steam sterilization is the perfect and safest way in order to sanitize your clothes.

How We Provide the Best Online Dry Cleaning Service

We provide the best laundry service online at an affordable price, and you will get the best service with special care.

We have a team of experienced professionals who perform their jobs efficiently in order to give your clothes a perfect look after dry cleaning them.

Here are a few steps in which we will show you how we dry clean your clothes:

  • 1. Best-quality services from top-notch professionals.

    Once you plan the pick-up date, then one of our dry cleaners will visit at your doorstep in order to pick up the apparel that you want to dry clean.

    This is the foremost step that we observe in order to deliver the best online dry cleaning service directly to your doorstep.

  • 2. Applying Tag

    In the next stage, we start applying the tags over every clothes and move forward with the inspection of the clothes as per the cleaning needs of every cloth based on the requirements of dry cleaning of these clothes.

    We check everything from stains to buttons before starting to wash the clothes and provide the best Online Dry Cleaning Service.

  • 3. Pre-Spot Inspection

    In this step, we make use of a steam gun in order to find the hidden stains that are tough for the human eye to find.

    Hence we follow this pre-spot inspection so that your clothes will be cleaned properly with the help of our Online Dry Cleaning Service.

  • 4. Dry Cleaning of Clothes

    After the pre-spot inspection, we start dry cleaning your clothes. In this, we use the most advanced and newest technology and machines in this industry.

    These machines use an eco-friendly softener that improves the life of the fabric. These machines are environmentally friendly and have a washer and dryer in order to reduce all stains and help them to dry-clean the clothes efficiently.

  • 5. Steam Iron

    In this step, every cloth in the dry cleaning is ironed with steam. Here, a finishing touch is given and we start checking any missing, broken button, or any other defect that has left your wardrobe.

  • 6. Packing

    After going through all the steps, we follow this final step which involves the removal of all the tags from the clothes and getting the clothes packed individually in the packing bags.

Our Process of Online Laundry Service in Delhi

We follow the well-known process for online dry cleaning services in order to take care of your clothes. As we follow this process, it makes us the experts in the online world of dry cleaning and laundry in Delhi.

Let’s understand what process we follow for dry cleaning your clothes efficiently.

  • 1. Clothes Separation

    As every fabric is different from each other and requires different attention, we divide all your wear as per their material categories like cotton, polyester, wool, etc.

    Our expert dry cleaners will wash your clothes with proper care in order to kill all the bacteria and germs. We wash coloured and white clothes individually in order to improve the life of the fabric.

  • 2. Detergents We Use

    As a reliable online dry cleaning service provider, we have a crew of skilled dry cleaners who will ensure that your clothes are handled with ease and hassle-free. We make use of eco-friendly and the best grade of detergents.

    The amount of detergents will differ as per the requirements of the clothes. Our expert dry cleaners are well aware of of all types of stains or any other kind of imperfections such as grease, coffee, mud stains, and several others and clean all of them with perfection.

  • 3. Water and Temperature Selection

    There are a majority of local laundry experts who are not aware of choosing the correct water temperature for laundry and are providing the Online Dry Cleaning Service locally to several people.

    This blunder can damage your wardrobe and most significantly, it will fill your clothes with allergens, bacteria and other germs. Therefore, we are a devoted dry cleaning firm who are committed to delivering the finest quality services to our clients.

  • 4. Type of Load

    Well, finding out the correct size of the load is also considered one of the most essential factors for shiny clothes.

    Washing the clothes in the wrong load can destroy the quality of your clothes and many local laundry service providers may not take care of these things, but we at Ninja Care work devotedly in order to give your clothes the proper care.

  • 5. Adding Fabric Softener

    We make use of chlorine-free fabric softener that helps in softening your clothes fabric and reducing the quality of your clothes.

    This fabric softener protects your clothes from fading colour and keeps them bright and shiny.

  • 6. Drying Time Selection

    Every fabric needs different drying times and this cycle is perfect for wrinkle removal that helps to give a refreshing life to your clothes.

  • 7. Ironing

    Ironing not only removes the wrinkles from your clothes but also eliminates the remaining dirt. Ironing at the proper temperature improves the life of the fabric and eliminates bacteria, germs and microorganisms.

    Using detergents and softeners may cause your clothes to shrink sometimes but the proper way of ironing your clothes can save them from shrinking.

    Hence, you can trust and rely on us as we are one of the best in providing online dry cleaning services whose dry cleaners can take care of every requirement of your clothes

  • 8. Packing and Delivery

    After going through all the above-mentioned steps, we pack your bag properly and deliver it on time.

    We provide the best online laundry service in Delhi and are flexible with the timings. So, you can schedule the pick-up or delivery date and time accordingly and we will make sure to deliver your clothes within 48 to 72 hours.

Why You Should Choose Laundry Service in Delhi, NCR?

We are a leading online dry cleaning service provider in Delhi, NCR and strive to deliver the best services to our customers. We are proud to announce that we have received the utmost achievement as we have made our clients satisfied through our dry cleaning services.

At Ninja Care, we aim to provide our customers with proficient dry cleaning services that will improve the life of their clothes. Because of this, we move forward with efficient customer service and check for the longevity of your clothes.

You must sit back and we will be there to help you out just after you choose us to serve you. Our crew of experienced dry cleaners will take care of each and everything without giving you any pressure and anxiety.

We deal with all sorts of laundry and dry cleaning services for the hospital, hotel, and customer garments. We work dedicatedly in order to deliver the maximum value for a competitive price. Contact and get in touch with us today for dry cleaning home pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

For washing and folding the clothes, it takes around 48 hours but for washing and ironing the clothes, it takes up to 2 to 3 days. These are believed the standard delivery timings, but they may take extra time because of other factors that are not in our control.

Yes, at Ninja Care, we use fresh water for your laundry that will be of the best quality and hygienic. We make use of fresh water for every wash cycle.

No, we make use of PH-neutral and environmentally friendly detergents in order to wash your clothes. We have different detergent compositions for all types of garments. The approach is gentle on your clothes, and we treat your clothes with the utmost care.

If you need your clothes urgently, then worry not as we provide an emergency service as well. Here, you can get your clothes washed, ironed, and folded on the same day. But, an emergency service charge is levied for such urgent demands.